Welcome to my website! Are you struggling to find a way out of your problems in life? Then look no further! I offer a highly personalized traditional service with Native American magic which REALLY WORKS to achieve all your goals! I can help you overcome any misfortune, protect you from negative influences, help you develop amazing magical powers and enable you to live a life of wealth, love, security, success, self-confidence, luck, rejuvenation, health and happiness!


All my shamanic spells and talismans (enchanted pendants) are ENTIRELY SAFE, simple and easy for anyone to use and are GUARANTEED to work or your money back. I am assisted in my work by the spirits of my ancestors, my animal guides, the kachinas (known to you as angels) and even the Great Spirit Wakan Tanka (whom you might call God), to whose wishes I am attuned. Whilst Native American beliefs have some parallels with religions as diverse as Zen Buddhism and Christianity, you need not be religious to benefit from my magic. Shamanic traditions contain many universal themes such as unity with the forces of nature (which may reveal spiritual truths), the practice of powers such as healing and astral travel to other planes of existence, and a desire to become closer to the Creator of the universe.


As these themes are central to belief systems which can be found in most countries including Britain, this shamanic system of magic can be used by anyone regardless of their culture. Shamans recognise that our ordinary reality is balanced between an upper and lower world (not to be confused with Heaven or Hell) which coexist with our own and which can be visited by initiates. Shamans such as myself exist to right wrongs, give guidance, create harmony and repair harm, particularly harm to the natural environment. My ultimate goal is to help to heal the Earth and as many of its  inhabitants as possible.


I was born in a Navajo reservation in New Mexico and came to the United Kingdom several years ago when a vision I experienced in a sweat lodge inspired me to study British shamanic traditions and stone circles which have survived the centuries, unlike most sites sacred to Native Americans which have been destroyed or vandalised. Some people ask me how an Amerindian can advertise her magic to empower people to gain wealth and success when my race were always spiritual rather than materialistic. The answer is that Amerindians historically lived in societies in which money was not required and people worked for the good of their tribe. The fact that most of my clients live in urban societies where increasingly large amounts of money are necessary to the individuals survival does not mean that these modern people are any less deserving of my help than my own people, as I learned through growing up in both traditional and modern societies.


My people have adapted to living in a materialistic society by running casinos, the profits from which are used to further the tribes interests by buying back land, for example. By solving all my clients worrying material, karmic and emotional problems I grant them the freedom to find inner peace and self-development through pursuing a tranquil spiritual lifestyle at one with nature if they so desire, not that this is a condition of my help. As you should gather from the selection of enthusiastic TESTIMONIALS on this website, I am the most powerful magician based in the U.K. I have been trained in the ways of the shaman since early childhood and have helped countless people over the years.


To use my shamanic spells and talismans you invoke the names of the powerful spirits of the North, South, East and West winds who correspond to the Four Elements. For example, the West Wind ruled by the spirit Tunkan corresponds to the element of Earth, and the East Wind ruled by the spirit Wakinyan corresponds to the element of Fire. All my talismans carry an extra enchantment to enhance the environment, so you are helping to heal the Earth every time you use them! In these increasingly uncertain times, my shamanic magic offers you protection and control over your life. This method is compatible with all other forms of magic and can easily be used to achieve any goal by anyone, even those with no previous magical experience. My spells cannot cause negative results and are not connected with evil magic.


CONTACT ME so that we can discuss your needs and I will explain my magic to you in more detail, with methods of payment available. Please do not forget to include your full name, any other names by which you have been known, your date and place of birth and ideally your full postal address with postcode. I should then be able to demonstrate my mystical insight into your life and make you an offer for spells/ talismans which is best suited to your requirements and situation. Be assured that all our dealings shall remain confidential, my prices are low and I will take your financial circumstances into consideration.


Most enquirers email me on

either directly or using the “contact me” page of this website. Some people still prefer to send me a letter with a large SAE (stamped addressed envelope) which should be sent to: Lucy Rainwater C/O 121 Como Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2JN. No visitors to this address, please, as I do not work there: I just advertise there and they kindly redirect incoming mail from enquirers to myself.


Apart from spells and talismans I also supply inexpensive yet accurate readings including: Advice, Dream Analysis or details of your Soul-Mate, Past Lives, Spirit Guides and Destiny, including predictions for the next twelve months of your life! By using a ritual drum, burning incense and chanting within a medicine wheel I am able to enter a trance state and project my essence into other worlds for a Vision Quest in which I am able to see things hidden from those without shamanic abilities.


I can also supply you with an excellent reading on your Totems, especially your birth totem animal and how it shapes your character. This Totem reading comes complete with a wide range of Native American correspondences such as your colour, mineral, plant, element, life-path, compatibilities with people born at different times, and so on. With each order for spells/ talismans you shall receive beautiful SHAMANIC FREE GIFTS in proportion to the size of your order! Get in touch with me without delay so that I may promptly enlighten you and enable you to live the life of happiness and success which you deserve!

18th July 2024: Important update: For some time a fraud called Jane Williams of Berkshire has been impersonating me on a very popular yet completely unregulated sales website. This impostor is also known as Jane Farnaud, Psychic Medium Jan, Mystic Mary, Crystal Star and many other aliases.

She illegally copied my magazine advert and added her own contact details plus a stock photo of an Inuit model. After being threatened with legal action she removed this material, but I ask anyone reading this - have you had any dealings with this impostor? If so then I would like to hear from you.  This fake psychic deals only with readings and “spiritual cleansing” rather than proper spells like myself. She knows nothing about real Native American mysticism and thinks that a medicine wheel is a kind of artefact like a Tibetan prayer wheel which can be passed down the generations, as opposed to a symbolic circle of stones!  Bear in mind that I only have this website and do not operate through other people’s sites.

Write to me at:


Lucy Rainwater

C/O 121 Como Road

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SE23 2JN

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