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Important update: 28th April 2020: Recently I discovered that J. Williams, a woman at least 51 years old and living in Reading in Berkshire, has been impersonating me on a very popular sales website since 23rd March 2019.  She illegally copied my magazine advert and added her own contact details plus a stock photo of an Eskimo model. After being threatened with legal action she removed this material last week, but I ask anyone reading this - have you had any dealings with this impostor? If so then I would like to hear from you.  


This fake “psychic Lucy” deals only with readings and “spiritual cleansing” rather than proper spells like myself. She knows nothing about real Native American mysticism and thinks that a medicine wheel is a kind of artefact like a Tibetan prayer wheel which can be passed down the generations, as opposed to a symbolic circle of stones!  Bear in mind that I only have this website and do not operate through other people’s sites.


Ms. Williams operates as a mystic using multiple identities, so I ask any professional psychics etc. who are reading this: have you ever had your own identity stolen like this? Alternatively, have you heard about any other mystics experiencing this? If so then I would love to hear from you aswell. I appreciate that it can be hard to identify who is stealing your identity, but Ms. Williams has many “tells” which I will be happy to discuss with any mystic who asks me, provides evidence of their professional status such as a link to their website, and uses an email address shown on that site.  

10th April 2020: Reader, I hope that you and your loved ones are well and coping with the weeks of global lockdown. Be assured that I am well, likely to remain so and I am still taking orders for spells, readings etc. as normal. Just before the lockdown I bought up enough of a supply of talismans and other magical supplies to last me for months. I realise that as I tend to forget to update this website for years at a time, you may be reading this long after the coronavirus pandemic has become a distant memory. If so, would someone please kindly remind me to update this section! And to those reading this while the worldwide health crisis is still happening: try not to worry as this difficult time shall not last forever.

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