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To anyone who has not seen my magazine adverts and asks me where I have been for the past few years, the answer is: nowhere! I have continued to take orders and enquiries through my website, many of whom are from my long-term clients.  The same is true of many people who try advertising in different publications or online directories.  



November 2017:  Thank you to the organisers who made the annual Gathering of Mages in Singapore last month at least as good as the previous Gathering held in Barcelona in late 2016!  It was good to meet up with other mages based in the UK like Gabriel Valentine, Briona Kastarath and Ruby Carnelian, and fascinating to see the Asian mages who had never before attended a big international event like this as their mystical traditions are almost unknown in the West. These included the Cambodian mage who demonstrated his Sak Yant mystical geometric tattoos that enhance his physical strength and help protect him from harm, the Thai lady representing the Ruesee forest wizards who showed her impressive ability to control plants at will, and the Firework People of China who put on a breathtaking display of colourful magical pyrotechnics. 


I do not give out the names of any mages on my website if they are not openly practicing magic in their own countries of residence. However, at my discretion I will provide more details of these invitation-only events to anyone who contacts me.  Most of the attendees agreed that the highlight of this Singapore Gathering was the transforming armoured mobile home/tank-like vehicle created and driven by the American technopath Kyle Jimson which had been extensively augmented with magic. I have seen some astonishing customized vehicles over the years, but this was the best one yet!

7th August 2014: IMPORTANT UPDATE! From today please send all enquiries to: Lucy Rainwater C/O 121 Como Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2JN. I have stopped advertising with Soul & Spirit magazine, so I will no longer be using their contact address and they will no longer be forwarding incoming mail for me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joy Palmer, the Advertising Manager of Soul & Spirit, who forwarded enquiries posted to myself for nearly a year and was very patient and understanding regarding my requirements.

IMPORTANT: CHANGE OF MY EMAIL ADDRESS! From 25th April 2014 I can no longer receive messages at my old email address, wolfwind.storm@virgin.net. My new email address is lucy.rainwater@virginmedia.com   If you emailed me at wolfwind.storm, please resend your enquiry to my new email address.

Greetings to all visitors to my new website! If this is the first page you have come through to then I recommend you read through my Home page first. I am encouraged that this site has already had dozens of visitors with plenty of enquiries even though it has only just (as of 30/6/13) become available via Google, Yahoo and other search engines on all internet-enabled devices from smartphones to tablets. Some of my clients have asked me if it is alright for them to recommend my services to others. By all means do so, but kindly ask them to tell me who supplied the recommendation. One of the main questions I have been asked to date is: “Why do you have no FAQ page on your site?” The reason is that I want people to ask me questions so that I can demonstrate my mystic insight into their lives and make them an offer appropriate to their needs. Besides, most people who place orders with myself tend to ask questions first. I look forward to helping and enlightening you soon!

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