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If you agree to let me show your testimonials like the ones below then only the initials of your real name will be shown to preserve your confidentiality so that you will not be deluged by emails from every new client who subsequently contacts me.

Dear Lucy

I enclose a £30.00 cheque for readings on my Past Lives, Destiny and Soul-Mate. Your shamanic magic is amazingly powerful! I have won over £26,000 on the Lottery so far! Your style of magic is the easiest to use of any system I have tried. I am so glad that I managed to overcome my initial scepticism about whether magic from an ancient tribal culture half a world away would work for a modern urban Englishman. I am also happy with the way your magic has granted me protection, which has saved me from bad accidents twice now. I note that the powers you suggested are very practical, like predicting the future and healing. Could you also explain more about the other “orenda” you recommended to me like astral travel and telepathy as I might want to try them.

I just want to say how glad I am that I contacted you. I have tried other occultists before and when I first saw your general style of presentation I thought I had a pretty good idea what I was in for. As it turned out, I had absolutely no idea what it would be like. Solving my problems was just the beginning of a whole new way of life for me, attaining oneness with nature and seeing beyond the mundane level of reality. I am fascinated by my animal guides and the kachinas I have contacted.

Now that you have helped me to solve all my worldly problems I have been able to focus more of my time on developing myself. I feel so much calmer and more at peace with the world than ever before. Although I have everything I want thanks to yourself, I no longer define myself by what I have but by what I am and by what I could yet become. I have lost the selfishness which I used to see as an instrument for self-advancement. Now I am a much more giving person, motivated to help others and to find happiness and fulfilment in doing so.

Shamanic magic is certainly the only type of magic I would do for its own sake even if I did not have any particular goal to achieve. Very habit forming, in the best possible way! I will request another dream analysis next time I write to you, as the last one gave me plenty of much-needed insight.

 Best wishes, Mr. M.T.

Dear Lucy,

Thanks for sending me my latest package with all the free gifts. The dream catcher you sent me is very beautiful! I just love the results I’ve gained from your shamanic magic. I have become increasingly powerful at work with my new magical ability to influence other people in my favour and boost my popularity. I think I have met my soul-mate who is very much as you described him. I am enjoying my enhanced wealth, beauty and fitness and would recommend your system to anyone.

Ms. J.L.

Dear Lucy,

Greetings! Please send me my next package as I am delighted with the results I have gained so far. Since I started using your shamanic magic I have overcome my depression, regained much of my self-confidence and won over ten thousand pounds in lottery money to date. I have to
admit that when I first wrote to you I had really negative feelings about magic and I only resorted to using it because my debts and other problems were so extreme that I had no other choice. When you sent me the instructions for using your shamanic magic it just blew my mind, because I had never read anything like it in my life. The magic I tried years before tended to involve performing complicated rituals at odd hours of the night under many conditions which were difficult to fulfil. Your method is so much easier.

Although I could choose to stop using your magic as I have now fulfilled my original objectives, I have been so inspired by your work that I have decided to go one step further and am now studying to become a shaman myself. I have already been able to use a drum, chanting and medicine wheel to achieve a trance state and undergo a Vision Quest, ascending and descending to other states of consciousness. It is clear that until now I have only perceived a very small part of reality and that what lies beyond can be very beautiful. It feels wonderful to be able to cast side my inhibitions, analytical side and ego so that I can experience complete freedom in worlds beyond our own. I am becoming increasingly attuned to my power animal and feel a great sense of completeness, an awareness that I am part of a greater whole created by the Great Spirit.   Miss B.F.


Dear Lucy,

Thanks for your letter with all the crystals and other free gifts. I must confess that the first few times I tried using your shamanic magic I thought I must have done something wrong or your magic didn’t work. Then I won over £11,000 on the lottery and I thought, if that’s a coincidence it’s a happy one. Later I started to get results on all the other things I wanted too, I got promoted at work and I started to hear other people’s thoughts because I had used your magic to let me read people’s minds as I wanted to know what they really thought about me. Anyway, your magic obviously works just the way you said it would, so here’s a cheque to help me achieve some more objectives that I’ve chosen. …


Mr. E.P.


Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your letter. Since I started using your shamanic magic about half my wishes have been fulfilled so far including the ones to win thousands of pounds, attract the lady I desired and get the promotion I wanted. My depression has gone and I have regained the optimism of my youth. The goals which I have yet to achieve were lower priority but it’s early days yet. I also wondered if I could buy specific Native American/shamanic items from you. I know you supply these as free gifts, but I understand that you just send whatever freebies you have in stock which are appropriate for the client and his or her order. Could I order specific items like tomahawks, medicine shields, shamanic rattles, huge dream catchers, that kind of thing?

Yours truly,

Mr. B.N.


Dear Lucy Rainwater (what a wonderfully evocative name!)

I’m happy to say that your shamanic magic has been a complete success! I won over £15,600 on the lottery, I gradually become healthier and younger-looking
without the colon problems, I resolved a long feud with my sister and I was
reunited with a woman I loved years ago. I even developed a few powers like
seeing the future which has been very useful since. My business has really
taken off since I started using your magic, so much that I’m going to be able
to expand my operation and take on new employees. So that’s my testimonial.

I’d recommend your shamanic magic to anyone who wanted to solve important problems or achieve “impossible” goals. As I’m happy to stay materialistic and acquisitive I won’t be developing my spiritual side, although my experiences with your shamanic magic have made me appreciate the wonders of nature more. By the way, I love your sign-off. You “walk in beauty” too!

Mr. L.M.


Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your letter. I was interested to learn that your father is a casino owner and your mother is a shaman – that’s quite a combination, the material and the spiritual! Anyway, since using your shamanic magic I have patched up my relationship with my husband, won £20,000 and recovered from that longstanding health problem we discussed before, but most importantly my daughter who ran away has returned to me safe and well. It feels so wonderful to be out of debt and without a problem in the world. I would definitely use your magic again if I wanted to achieve any more goals.

Mrs. H.B.

Dear Lucy,

I just thought I would let you know that I got that job as Area Manager which I used your shamanic magic for! This means a lot to me because I have been passed over for promotion several times in favour of people who could not do the job as well as I will. So with that bit of luck and the money your magic helped me win (when will the money stop flowing in?) I’m going to pay off the rest of my mortgage and maybe take a little holiday in Spain too. I don’t think I will try to develop shamanic powers like some of your other customers have done because I’m not the type. Still, if I need your help again I’ll definitely order another package and I would recommend you to anyone.

Mr. G.S.

Dear Lucy,

Just a quick letter to say thank you for sending your shamanic magic package which has been a great help to me. Apart from the £12,700 lottery wins I mentioned before I am also using your magic to develop powers which will help me become a magician like yourself. My new power of foretelling the future is working well, especially when it comes to predicting the stock market. I was impressed by how much detail you put into your amazing readings. It almost seems as if you have always known me, the way you seem to be able to tell so much about me from so little. Now could you give me some more advice…..(Miss T.K.)


Dear Lucy,

I am writing to thank you for teaching me about shamanic magic. It’s just incredible! When I wrote to you I had no idea that any of this was going to happen. I just wanted to use your magic to win some money, get a better job, win the heart of a man I wanted – and all that came true, of course. What I didn’t know was that those benefits were just the icing on the cake. Shamanic magic has transformed my life completely and allowed me to reinvent myself as a far more enlightened, powerful yet tranquil person. It has given me self-confidence balanced by a sense of humility, a sense of awe at the beauty
of the universe we live in.

My experiences have forever changed my entire view of the world. Before I contacted you I hardly even believed in magic, let alone the idea that ancient religions and myths might have been based on truth. Now I know that what we perceive as reality is just one dimension, the “middle world,” and that – incredibly –death is not the end. Just the knowledge that I will be reincarnated fills me with hope for the future. I thank you with all my heart for your work.

Yours sincerely, Miss H.P.

Dear Lucy


Thank you so much for the shamanic magic package you sent me recently.  I’ve just won thirty thousand pounds on the National Lottery and my boyfriend has returned to me three days ago! He says this time it’s going to work out for us, and I believe him. I feel much more confident so I’m going to apply for the promotion that I’ve wanted for over a year. Please send me another mystical set to help make this happen.


Miss R.B, Harrow

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